Stresses and accomplishments of uni life

Today is a proud day. I have finally sat my last exam at university. I have been struggling so hard with my studies for the last 3 years, I mean I’m not going to say I’m dumb or stupid but academically I struggle in certain situations especially when it comes to exams and revision. 

My grades at the start of my course were for me, fantastic. I put every ounce of effort into my studies. Going into my second year the course got harder and I started to find the course a lot more difficult. I even stopped going for a while with the intention to quit. Lucky enough my boyfriend talked me out of it and I managed to gain the motivation to crack on and continue. It has in no way shape or form been easy, in fact it’s probably been one of the most stressful things I have done. 

The last and final year of my studies has been at times unbearable. Life at home changed and this meant I needed to take on more hours at work going from 16 hours a week to 45 hours and 2 sleep ins. Managing the course work alongside work has seemed impossible and I don’t even have an explanation for how I have coped, but I have! I lost contact with a lot of my friends due to not having the time to hang out and socialise. Work and uni literally took over my life and there was moments I forgot why i was even bothering in the first place.

To those who are struggling with studies or even just life in general DO NOT give up, it at times can seem the easiest thing to do. Stress can tip you over the edge and it becomes easy to forget why you’re doing it in the first place. I have had to remind myself constantly through the last three years the main reason why I wanted to get a degree in the first place and I have had to focus on my reason to get me through and continue. My grades are not going to be fantastic. I am looking at leaving university with a third, to some this may seem pointless but to me it is the biggest accomplishment I have achieved. I think it doesn’t matter how good or bad you do, as long as you give it everything you can. I couldn’t have tried any harder and for that reason regardless of the final outcome of my grades I am proud of myself and for anyone else in a similar situation, or anyone who has completed a degree in general for that matter! 

Moving forward I’m not sure what my next chapter will be. Another thing to mention is that when you are at university and studying a certain subject it becomes vital for some people to get a caarer in that field. This doesn’t need to be the case and in my case it probably won’t be. I already am in a job that I love, however money wise it isn’t great so eventually I will look to progress further and see what options are out there for me and my new degree! 

Lastly, without sounding patronising I just want to say a huge well done to everyone who has just completed their degree, handed in their dissertations or sitting their final exams like me. It’s hard work but it is so worth it! 


The start.

Hi! First of all as this is my first attempt at writing a blog i just want to make it clear that i have no idea what i am doing! so please bare with me and hopefully my writing and content will get more exciting as the time goes on.

I am  going to start by introducing myself. I read online that some readers like to get to know the blogger personally so im going to give an insight on myself. IMG_1663[1]

The above photo is me. Although i will admit its not every day i have this amount of makeup on (it was for a 21st birthday party for a good friend). Adding to that when i do attempt to put my makeup on it in no way shape or form turns out like this so for this occasion i had to hire a makeup artist! Moving on, i have recently turned 21, i live in a small town in England on the coast, a nice town but a boring one at that! I have just completed my university course in Applied Criminology (literally finished not even a week ago). I work full time as a support worker for adults with learning disability’s the job is tough but its one of my passions and i enjoy being there and bonding with the service users who have become like family. I live with my mum and brother although not for long as i am starting to look for my own place and take on a new adventure. I have been with my boyfriend for just over 1 year and a half and as cheesy and cliche as it sounds i love him with all my heart. IMG_0562[1]






Over the last year me and Jun (the boyf) have been lucky enough to embark on a range of exciting adventures (mainly holidays but they still count!) There are still many places we want to visit but in a year we managed to tick off Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Malta, Mallorca and Cyprus. We have done so many fun trips some that i would totally  recommend but maybe ill talk about that in another post.

As far my personality goes id like to think im just an ordinary girl. I like hair and makeup but most days i spend zero time and effort with either however other days i can spend hours in the mirror getting ready for a night out! i like cosy nights in but also wild nights out. I have a fantastic group of friends some of which i have been friends with for over 10 years, these are the friendships im sure and hope will last till the day i die.

what interest me? anything to do with sun, sandy beaches and cocktails is my go-to. i love being abroad and cant wait till i can save enough money to pack my bags and go travelling around the world. I dont particularly have any hobbies, thats one of the reasons i have decided to start this blog who knows maybe it will become my new hobby! i dont enjoy sports, i have a gym membership that i have used maybe once or twice (i have no intentions of using it again any time soon) and i am constantly trying out new diets to shift a few pounds.

as far as the topic to this blog so far i dont have one! i read online that having a topic is better as it attracts more readers but i seriously cannot see myself writing about the same thing every week. i mean i guess you could say im planning on using this blog like a diary, talk about what makes me happy, what makes me sad, my passions ect.

so yeah! theres a little insight on me and my life, i plan on making my next post more interesting but at least the page is no longer blank! i guess we will just have to see how this blogging thing goes and if you made it this far, thank you for reading!